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How It Works

Holiday Adventures Club is an Exclusive Adventure Membership club where members have access to the top water and land recreational equipment at a fraction of the cost to own this equipment.

Boat owners in the United States use their boats an average of 15 times annually, according to NMMA. Therefore, based on average monthly expenses, it will cost the average boat owner somewhere between $500-$800 per use. In order to properly maintain a boat in clean and safe operating conditions, and on top of that 1-to-2 hours per outing should be spent on covering/uncovering, cleaning, and maintenance. Additionally, a boat should be serviced every season by a qualified service technician. Boat owners who have to trailer their boat will spend 2½ to 3 hours per outing preparing the boat, launching, loading, and stowing the boat.

Holiday Adventures has options! Whether it’s the use of the first class motor-coach, luxury house boat, or cruising around the lake in a top of the line wake boat or pontoon, club life is the way to go.

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